Reflections offers patients various treatment levels depending on physician recommendation. Our comprehensive approach sees patients through inpatient care, partial hospitalization (day program), and outpatient care.

Inpatient Care

The Reflections inpatient program is here to guide patients through the recovery process. Patients will work with a specialized team who will create an individualized treatment plan. This team consists of a psychiatrist, internal medicine physician, therapist, and registered dietitian. Patients will also work with Reflections nurses and expressive therapists. Meal planning and dietetic support is provided by the Reflections registered dietitian, who works with patients on a plan that includes three meals and three snacks each day—with each meal concluding in a support group.

Each day patients participate in a range of therapeutic activities specifically geared toward the individual treatment plan. These include psychotherapy groups, nutritional groups, expressive therapy, meal planning and psycho-education. Patients meet individually with their therapists at least twice weekly, and will also participate in weekly family sessions. On weekends there is additional time set aside for patients’ families to participate in the program. Families can participate in a variety of therapeutic activities, including expressive therapy, nutritional counseling and education around eating disorders. Many inpatients transition to the Reflection’s partial hospitalization (day) program for continued support.

Partial Hospitalization (Day) Program

Like our inpatient program, Partial Hospitalization (PHP) is designed to guide patients through the recovery process. Our PHP helps patients who need support beyond the outpatient setting. Partial hospitalization provides care for those able to spend the night in their own home, but are in need of a more structured program during the day. The partial hospitalization program is available up to 11 hours per day, 7 days per week, to provide support during crucial meal times. Our PHP program is combined with our inpatient program allowing for a smooth transition between levels of care as appropriate. Participants work closely with their treatment team in order to thoughtfully transition to outpatient providers.

Intensive Outpatient Program

The IOP is designed to allow participants the freedom to customize a care plan to accommodate their regular activities such as work and school. The program is flexible around how many times a week a patient can participate. Typically, patients will participate in our IOP anywhere from three to seven days a week. The IOP schedule is based around the timing of meals in order to accommodate a patient’s clinical and personal needs. As a part of the onboarding process, our Intake Coordinator will assist patients and families in creating a schedule that is clinically appropriate and that fits individual needs.

*Due to COVID-related safety protocol, we are not offering the IOP level of care at this time. Stay tuned for updates or contact our Assessment and Referral Department at (703) 538-2872 for additional information.

Access to Outpatient Care

Reflections has an extensive outpatient referral network, which includes psychiatrists, therapists, psychologists, and registered dietitians. Internal medicine care is typically handled by a patient’s primary care physician; although, if a patient does not have a primary care internal medicine physician or pediatrician, we can refer a patient to a trusted physician in the region.

Outpatient care is available to providing continuing support to patients who have completed inpatient or partial hospitalization care at Reflections. Reflections also offers outpatient access for patients referred from therapists, counselors, psychologists or physicians in need of eating disorders treatment who may not be candidates for partial hospitalization or inpatient care.